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Mrs R in Kirton wanted artificial grass and the garden to the rear of the property low maintenance

the area redesigned is part of a large plot, the rest down to natural grass and large shrubs that are to be tackled sometime in the future, but this area was once a patio consisting of blocks made from molds by her late husband - we were asked to incorporate some of these elements of commemoration into the final design - and gravel

this yin yang mosaic was set on a sheet of plywood that had become lost among the weeds, de-laminated, and pieces had started to break away

a tricky operation but the pieces were slid across into a fresh bed of concrete contained by a new treated frame, surface polished 

and covered with a protective glass

it now takes pride of place at the corner of the path leading to the rear garden

2 Weir Place 002.jpg

the home made blocks line the new path to the rear garden

2 Weir Place 001.jpg

the following are differing angles showing the transformation from gravel and weeds to brick edged artificial grass and paving

Cobra 39mm artificial grass supplied by Perfectly Green

2 Weir Place 004.png
2 Weir Place 005.png
2 Weir Place 003.jpg

"Thank you so much for my lovely landscaped back garden, very impressed with the way you worked, and how hard you worked . A special mention to the fence painter she will go far !"

Mrs R - Kirton

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