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the early years


as a naive 16 year old i didn't really know what i wanted to do when i left school - i knew what i was good at and i liked technical drawing, art, woodwork, and field sports, so naturally i became an engineer with the largest telecommunication company in the uk !


how the heck did that happen ? 


ah well "its a good apprenticeship" and "a job for life" they said.

37 years on


"job for life" they werent kidding.


there were some fun times, and times when i thought i was respected for my knowledge and expertise, and in those early years 'out in the van' i enjoyed the interaction with real people from incredibly varied walks of life. some very fortunate and others where even the smallest of things were treasures.


however the vast majority of those 37 years were office based, and over time the stress was beginning to suck the life out of me, the great outdoors being restricted to weekends.

all change


it's now time to give the 'field sports' a go, let my artistic juices flow, and use over 30 years of posh shed building, deck and grass laying (turf and artificial), pet shelter construction, and other countless decorating and d.i.y. skills for a greater purpose.

say hello to ..... 

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