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even a low maintenance garden that includes artificial grass requires some maintenance, and we don't need to have designed or built your garden to care for it

all gardens mature, and inevitably some plants will do better or worse than planned

its nature - its natural

artificial grass requires sweeping occasionally to remove debris and a sand infill applied to support the fibres, patios and decking need lichen and dirt removing to restore their beauty, and ponds need the occasional water change and pumps and filters cleaned - particularly if you have fish 

and of course the stuff that is alive needs some tlc - grass needs cutting, shrubs and trees need shaping and pruning, perennials need preparing for next year, and then there is mulching and weeding

we offer 2 levels of ongoing care

1. self manage (for new gardens built by us)

we can provide you with a monthly reminder of what you should do to keep your garden in tip top shape

we can email or post you this info to either manage the garden yourself or pass on to your regular gardener

this would cost from just £3 per month 

2. 'terry atwell gardens' maintenance

you choose what you want us to care for, or how long you want us to spend tending your new or existing garden


we can either price per job, or by the hour

if its regular care then we will discount where charge is by the hour

  • £18 per hour for weekly visits

  • £19 per hour for fortnightly visits

  • £20 per hour for monthly visits

regular maintenance packages currently suspended 

we also offer an 'emergency service' for those occasions when you've thought of everything else for the big family get together but the garden is going to let the show down and you need that last minute clean up

these are priced from £50 per hour 

we will also care for other things in your garden too

we offer maintenance / repair / replacement services for fences, sheds (i.e. roof felt), ponds etc.

specific artificial grass maintenance 

it is recommended that your artificial lawn is swept regularly to remove fallen leaves and debris to avoid flattening and compaction of the pile which affect both performance and appearance

here at terry atwell gardens we will come and maintain your lawn at what ever frequency you choose, either pick up the regular simple maintenance regime, or at least once a year ensure it receives a thorough sweep that gets to the root of the pile removing any leaves or debris that may have accumulated deep in the grass


after a sweep we will assess the sand infill and top this up to help continue to support the fibres which keeps the grass looking its best and protects the pile from damage and excessive wear


we will then spray the grass with a water based weed killer, and where dogs have had access to the grass spray with an artificial grass safe disinfectant


rates for this service on an annual basis are as follows:

small lawns up to 40 sqm - £135

medium sized lawns between 41 sqm and 80 sqm - £195

large lawns 81 sqm and above - £250

the price for more frequent maintenance visits is negotiable based on a reduced level of service at each visit i.e. sand infill is not required each time

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