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if you wish to continue with our services, we offer a detailed design service, again with options on how you wish to proceed


we will provide a detailed design to cover any discussed alterations

it will include a printed portfolio covering all aspects of the proposed build including the materials, structures, construction methodology, suggested plant lists, and a quotation for completion of the work

price for your personalised printed design portfolio would be from £95 

 this design portfolio for your garden would be yours to keep and would be priced based on the size and complexity of the design - price would be advised at the initial consultation presentation

you are then free to engage another landscaper/gardener of your choice to complete the works based on our design should you wish

we would of course love to continue to work with you into the build phase once all aspects of the design were agreed. with this option you still get the printed design portfolio, but we would incorporate the cost into the build at a discounted rate and shown in the final invoice 

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