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pet houses

gardens are for pets too - we can build bespoke runs, houses for our furry and feathered friends to fit into those awkward garden spaces that don't conform to those standard offerings from the local pet superstore

ours may cost a little more but they will be designed and to your exact requirements, built onsite, and to a higher spec

posher sheds

you can't have a garden without a shed 

but those from the larger diy chains or online shed superstores are again subject to the usual 6x4, 8x6 flimsy boring mass produced offerings

ever fancied a posher bespoke shed, build to last, to the size you want, finished in a choice of colour, and with a roof material other than felt


if so then we can do that too


turn something you would ordinarily tuck away in a corner into a garden feature with a cedar shingle or slate tile roof

water features & ponds

shop available installations or bespoke - contact us for waterfalls, rills, ponds and more

not seen it here?

anything you want for your garden but not seen on here just follow the contact details and we can talk about what it is we can help you with

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